Director of Instructional Design & Online Learning

May Truong

May Truong

Digital Innovation

My expertise is in instructional design, digital pedagogy, online learning systems design, multimedia creation & technology implementation. I have a passion for developing engaging and interactive digital design initiatives as well as effective instructional content with a strong focus on building community within the online environment.

I am extremely comfortable wearing many hats and I enjoy cycling through a variety of roles in the design and development process such as learning architect, instructional engineer, process design consultant and visual designer.

As a natural creative I have a tremendous imagination and I am an avid problem solver. I enjoy and excel at identifying gaps in ideas, concepts and processes and help others to bridge those gaps. I guide others from idea conception to project execution with an eye to documentation, aesthetics, process design, user experience and execution strategies.

As a huge proponent of the growth mindset, I believe we all have the ability to learn something new with the right direction and guidance. I look forward to connecting and networking with other like-minded professionals as well as provide additional insight to individuals who are interested in learning more about instructional development techniques and best practices in the online learning environment.